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About Boosted Audio

Boosted Audio is a top-caliber audiovisual consulting services provider in Bend, OR. We are a team of professional AV consultants trained, experienced, and licensed to design, install, and maintain audiovisual components in various industries, focusing our projects on commercial and residential properties.

We offer audiovisual consultancy as an independent service or as a part of several service solution packages we have. It can be integrated with our AV systems design and installation services or home theater installation services.

Leading businesses, especially those in the corporate, hospitality and leisure, education, and healthcare industry, plus many households trust Boosted Audio because of our excellent expertise in combining art and engineering in cost-efficient ways. Experience an incredible audiovisual experience made possible through high-caliber AV services with Boosted Audio today.

What We Offer

Boosted Audio is an innovative multimedia consulting company. We blend comprehensive and distinct information from various disciplines involving sound, visuals, and lighting to deliver reliable and practical solutions using the technology we have today. Our AV consulting Bend team focuses our efforts and time to understand our client’s wants and goals to plan, design, and deliver their dreams.

Our service strategy is straightforward. We bring out the extraordinary from ordinary things. Over our years of service in Bend, we gained the confidence of clients through leading the race in achieving the best communications system and smart environment. Our goal of providing state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled service makes us well known throughout the city.

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Audio Visual Consultation

Boosted Audio’s audiovisual consultancy customers benefit from our years of intrinsic AV design and installation services. We have in-depth knowledge of AV products, technologies, and systems.

Our team consists of experts in providing informed, cost-efficient, and well-rounded AV solutions that are custom-fitted to your needs.

Together with our team’s skills, our predictive software and modeling tools will give you the best answer to your problem.

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Audio Visual Systems

Audiovisual technology adapts fast to the evolving needs of various industries.

It is best to have your AV systems future-proofed to keep up with the pace and the present demands of new technology.

We are the best AV systems design Bend team you can contact for help.

Our consulting and integration knowledge and skills keep our clients satisfied with our AV systems outputs.

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Home Theater Installation

A multimedia theatrical room project is something that your family can look forward to.

Our licensed installers incorporate audiovisual and lighting systems into a home-friendly setup to give your family an extraordinary entertainment hub.

What’s best is that we integrate automation into your AV controls – everything works with a click of a button.

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Expert audiovisual consulting and installation service with well-managed project workflow are what we can offer you. We follow a meticulous design and planning process, complete with research and modeling tools to ensure the quality and functionality of the systems we deliver.

Talk to us today and discover why Audio Boosted is the best AV consultant in Bend.

The Sound of Extraordinary

Boosted Audio is a company that provides audiovisual consulting services in Bend, OR. Our firm delivers professionally excellent AV consultancy, systems design, and home theater installation for residential, commercial, and government facilities. We began as a small business audiovisual consultancy group, but the trust from our Bend clients allowed us to expand our services.

Now, we provide custom-design AV solutions for various industries. We also supply and install the latest audiovisual technology and smart lighting systems solutions, including multi-zone acoustic systems, PA sound systems, videoconferencing, and advanced AV systems for live presentations, live streaming, and video recording.

The Boosted Audio team aims to consistently provide bespoke installation services for different spaces, such as meeting rooms, auditoriums, leisure and entertainment halls, shops, boardrooms, and home entertainment hubs in Bend and its nearby Oregon cities.

We value professionalism and excellence in all our projects. From small to large-scale types, everyone in our team gives 100% effort to provide practical, cost-effective, and smart solutions to promote extraordinary AV and lighting workflow concepts.

Why Choose Us

Boosted Audio’s commitment is to deliver high-caliber audiovisual consulting Bend design, advanced equipment, and well-managed installation services. From our consultancy to home theater installation services, we take pride in sending our best AV specialists to help you with your project. Here are four of the many advantages you can enjoy if you choose to work with us.
  • Expertise and Experience

    Over our years of service, our audiovisual specialists provide excellent solutions for various property types across Bend and the rest of Oregon. We deliver high-quality systems that can impress everyone, from small projects like acoustic systems upgrade in lecture rooms to complete AVL setups for concerts or symposiums.

  • Bespoke Consulting Systems and Services

    As a part of our dedication to being the best full-service AVL (audiovisual and lighting) provider in Bend, OR, the Boosted Audio team can assure you that all designs we give to our clients are personalized according to their needs and available resources. Our AV consultant Bend will do an initial on-site visit to fully understand what you need and how you envision the outcome. We guarantee that from then on, our audiovisual specialists will keep you posted on all updates and schedules for our design approval, equipment and materials selection, and installation.

  • Reliable, Intelligent, and Budget-Friendly Audiovisual Services

    New techniques and technological innovations for hardware and software are discovered every day. Our commitment to providing you a future-proof audiovisual setup, which you can easily upgrade. Our AV consulting services Bend give reliable and intelligent solutions minus the risk of overspending.

  • Reasonable Costs and Multi-Channel Payment Options

    One of the most common hindrances that clients encounter is how much they should pay for high-quality audiovisual services. Boosted Audio understands this concern. Now, we offer the best AV consulting services in Bend and the most affordable on the market. Moreover, you can choose from our flexible payment options and channels.

  • Guaranteed Premium Sound, Video, and Lighting Technologies

    Boosted Audio has a quality assurance (QA) team that checks and verifies the authenticity, licenses, and warranty detail of equipment and materials we use. We can assure you that we only use the best audiovisual components in the market, including wireless microphones, loudspeakers, mixing consoles, floor pocket systems, LED screens, projection systems, lighting fixtures, wirings, and cables.

  • Client-Centered Support and Maintenance Services

    Our goal is to leave an extraordinary experience to our clients through our top-quality AV design, installation, and output. One more thing why clients choose our service is our unparalleled post-installation customer support and maintenance services. All our Bend clients will have access to our 24/7 tech support hotline. We also do yearly maintenance assessments and equipment re-calibration.

Exceptional AV Systems

To help our clients have a glimpse of what we can offer them, we formulated standard AV systems that vary according to their related industry. We also considered many factors, such as the crowd size, area size, location, event or activity type, and client budget. Discover some of our most in-demand AV systems and discover why Boosted Audio’s services offer the best.
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Lecture Room Audio Visual System

Our lecture room AV system is a mix of acoustic and visual systems. However, since lecturers, teachers, professors, and trainers use varying multimedia presentations, we focus more on boosting the optical components of this system. We use an advanced projector setup, large pictorial screens, interactive boards, plus a simple auxiliary audio system with loudspeakers and wireless microphones. This system is best for universities, training facilities, teaching hospitals, and schools.
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Sports Hall Audio System

We also design and install audiovisual systems in sports halls, prioritizing creating a full-range acoustic system. Our design aims to provide the players and spectators a one-of-kind sports experience full of fun and excitement. Our AV system entails planning and installing wireless microphones, loudspeakers to be located in the home, and visitor-side bleachers, control panels, and software processors. We also include the installation of simple video presentation screens and scoring panels in this system package. The sports hall AV system is best for school gymnasiums, arenas, basketball and volleyball courts, physical education rooms.
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Assembly Hall Audio Visual System

The Boosted Audio assembly hall AV system requires flexible acoustics, videos, and lighting systems to support the needs of specific occasions or events. We have two standard staging setups for this system – the North Option (1) and East Option (2). We offer this system for weddings, small concerts, corporate meetings, conferences, and funerals. Innovative loudspeakers, wireless microphones, spotlights, large-screen displays, and control panels are some of the equipment we use for this system.
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Full Audiovisual and Lighting (AVL) System

We typically offer our complete AVL system for corporate events, large-scale conferences and symposiums, university graduations, concerts, and other entertainment-based events. This system is designed to provide a full-scope sound, video playback and recording, image magnification, spotlight, and colorful backlight features. It gives a theater-like setup with a centralized, automated control panel where all equipment and remote controls are interconnected via WiFi, Bluetooth, or physical wires and cabling.

Client Testimonials

Boosted Audio is a client-focused audiovisual consulting service in Bend OR firm. We take pride in sharing how satisfied our clients are with our services, project management, and extraordinary AV systems. Check out some of our Bend, OR client’s testimonials below and know why we are the #1 AV consultant in Bend.

Mrs. Olivia B.L., Department Custodian and Coordinator, Bend, OR

A close friend recommended the Boosted Audio AV consulting services as we are on the final stage of renovation for our lecture halls. The next day, I found myself amazed at how professional this AV consultant Bend was. An appointment was set, and all our requirements were discussed. I’m lost for words with their design. It was just extraordinary. The AV plan they presented was how our Department Head envisioned our lecture halls to be. The installation day came, and they were very organized and prepared. All equipment and tools were top-notch. The final result was surreal. I’m sure that students will be amazed once they see how our AV system is now. Hats off to the whole team!

Mr. C. Charles, Homeowner, Bend, OR

Our family’s dream is to build our “ultimate” entertainment room, and we all agreed to have our very own home theater system. I saw a friend who posted on social media about how great theirs is. It turns out that it was with Boosted Audio. We got our appointment immediately. We met with their professional AV consultant Bend, engineers, and techs. The next thing we knew was dream home theater is right before our eyes! We were speechless! The kids were as amazed as we are. Thank you!

Ms. Samantha J., Bend, OR

My sister and my brother-in-law just had their wedding last month. But due to some unforeseen events, they weren’t able to hold a reception after their marriage. Our family agreed to set up a small family gathering, but we wanted it to be extra special. What Boosted Audio did was just magical! From the lighting to the video presentations and background music, everything was on-point. Five stars to the whole team!

Mr. D. Willis, Marketing Manager, Bend, OR

We are rebranding our company, and we wanted something that can catch the attention of our clients when they go for meetings in our office. Boosted Audio designed an interactive audiovisual system in our main conference room and our CEO’s office, complete with touch-screen panels and sound system. It undoubtedly helped us to showcase our new products and services. I am confident that their AV systems helped us get more clients. Thank you so much to all team members!

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