Bass Boost: Bring Life and Excitement to Your Windows 10 Audio

Sep 26, 2021

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Whether you are using your earphones or your computer speakers, it’s hard to appreciate when sounds do not give you the actual sounds you hear on live concerts, and action movies. There seems no life coming out from your earphones and computer speakers while you listen to another computer that has so much boost on bass and treble. You know that the other computer capabilities are only at par and cannot be better than your newly acquired personal computer. So now, think of ways to have that big boom for action movies or treble sound coming from musical instruments for your favorite music.


Bass Boosting Tips

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Here are some tips and tricks that you can do to get that bass. It may be too simple to adjust some settings or get the correct audio driver for your audio system. 

Quick Troubleshooting. When encountering a sudden decrease of volume on your audio, performing a Windows 10 audio troubleshooting for your computer before making any software installation or upgrade may help identify that you will not encounter any future problems. Here are some items that may need to be considered. 

Check Your Speaker Output. Your speaker may not function when plugging or unplugging the earphone jacks or cables with those going to your external device or speaker. Make sure that you plug in the right jack size to your personal computer or laptop not to destroy the connectors. Frequent unplugging and plug-in can mechanically damage the connection. A crackling sound may be heard on the set of impending problems. Personal Computers that have Bluetooth capability can prevent this problem.

Windows Updates Are Up to Date. Updates include the audio driver software that is installed. Make sure that updates are in place. Take note of the sound performance before and after the upgrade. You may revert to the previous version when you encounter an error, even after a system restart.  

Run the Computer Troubleshooter. Windows 10 has features that will help you to troubleshoot the audio performance. It can be activated on the system’s settings. Once initiated, it is advisable to do a computer restart. 

Check your earphones or external speakers or devices. Before pinpointing that your windows ten or your computer is malfunctioning, be sure to check on your earphones or cables together with your external speaker system.

Audio drivers installed. You may be using a generic audio driver that has been automatically loaded when you first used the computer when a system format and upgrade to windows 10. Some audio hardware features may have been disabled and not functioning due to the wrong audio driver software. 

Check If Your CODECS Are Compatible. Check your codecs. CODECS is used to compress and decompress digital audio-video data to speed up transmission to your system and hardware. If your CODECS is not compatible, your system may not read the correct digital audio-video.

Media Software. Your media software may not be compatible with specific audio and video formats. Different formats are present in the industry. When you have installed your media software, you are prompted to select which ones your media software can play. Some media software cannot read some formats unless you have to upgrade to their professional version. It would mean that you have to spend to have the additional reading capability. Examples of audio formats are WAV, MP3, MP4, AAC, WMA. Your media software can also read or play video data with digital audio data. These are usually movies, live concerts, and short video data files.

Third-Party Audio Video. One way to check is to run third-party audio and video streaming like youtube. These third-party audio/video files have built-in software that enables one to check that you have a problem with your media software.  

Here are the main items to improve and boost your computer’s audio/ video for Windows 10

We have an initial assessment in checking your laptop before going to the main possible ways to enhance your audio/video output. Below is what we need to attain the bass or loud sound for your gaming or entertainment.


Sound Driver

Suppose you are not using the correct driver. There are ways to correct this driver. Sometimes we have to upgrade our operating software from windows 8 to windows 10, which would mean that we do not have the CD or DVD for the audio driver. As long as we have internet connectivity and know the audio hardware type and manufacturer, we are sure to download the correct audio driver software. We have options to download.

  • Download from the manufacturer’s website. You can download the driver and seek help from the manufacturer’s technical staff in installing your driver upon download. It is an extended free service for their product.  
  • Download from the Computer manufacturer’s website. Check the PC manufacturer’s website for the latest driver software to run your audio hardware.  
  • Download from a third-party website. Usually, you can also download from third-party websites. But be careful of fake websites that give drivers spy software and software that are potentially virus tainted. Be sure that your computer has antivirus software to protect you.


Volume Loudness and Settings 

We have several ways to correct some windows 10 audio settings. This is when you encounter variations in the performance of your audio. The steps defined can be followed when you encounter this problem. You go to the windows logo + the S key. After which, type audio then enter to search. Select manage the audio device. Select properties from the speaker’s option, then proceed to enhancement, select loudness, and apply. There can be other problems that you have if this does not solve your audio issues. An intermittent problem may be a sign of a failing audio system. 


Booster Softwares or Software Applications (apps)

There is booster software to enhance your audio/video. You can download free audio boosters from the internet. These audio boosters can amplify your sounds of music and sounds from digital movies and clips. It makes you taste that calm music that is so alive and vibrant with auto and manual settings. You can watch your favorite scripts from Netflix with an enhanced sound. This software has equalizer and booster settings that filter and boosts. Equalizers designed to modify your speakers’ frequency response are upgraded with the DFX audio-enhancing technique for windows 10. Naming a few audio/video apps that are rated by the web to the top lists:

  • Equalizer APO. It has multiple features for your computer sound system that you can tweak with ease. It has a user interface that is easy to use. When accustomed to its functions, it will bring out the best of your sound system.
  • DFx Audio Enhancer. It enhances your default speaker system to the maximum limits possible with the built-in preset that you can select for your taste of sound, whether ambiance or booming sounds.  



You can boost the audio by using a powerful earphone with built-in powerful speakers directly placed on your ears. Bringing the sound near your ears can be a big boost to music lovers that don’t want any sound to escape. When combined with booster apps, you can be sure that you listen to your favorite music while watching it visually on your computer monitors. 

Laptop External Speaker Systems

The laptop is a compact computer so light, thin, and very convenient to carry. Since this is so compact, there is a drawback to attaching a speaker system in a limited space. The speaker design and sound can only cater to so much that an external speaker system can be made to enhance the digital power of the laptop. Let us identify the types of speaker systems that can boost audio output. 

  • Multimedia or External Speakers. This type of speaker can be connected to a USB port or by an earphone jack. It can be powered separately by a battery or an ac outlet. Sound can be up to 15 watts audio output that can be convenient for a room. It has volume control and a high to low-frequency knob that does not show much of a different low and high sound filtered output. 
  • Surround Sound and Home Theater System. This sound system employs speakers that are strategically placed at locations other than in front of the listener. It gives the listener the effect of surreal sound sounds when in a gaming environment or in a surrounding movie that is being watched.
  • Portable Speaker. With mobile phones and Bluetooth technology, these portable speakers can run wirelessly with good sound quality. They make use of a battery and are as portable as a laptop.  


Word of Thought

Boosting the digital sounds coming from your computer is possible by bringing the edge of your digital sound to the maximum. Windows 10 is an upgraded operating software that has so many features compared to older versions. There are no limits to what you want to do with your digital sounds for Windows 10. You can now enjoy your sound system with the enhancements that you made. 


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