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Boosted Audio is not an ordinary company that offers AV consulting services in Bend, OR. We are the leading firm in Oregon, consisting of expert consultants, engineers, installers, and IT professionals. Our specialists mix together extensive and comprehensive information on sound, acoustics, video presentations, and lighting to deliver long-lasting yet practical solutions, integrating the technology we have today.

Our AV approach is straightforward yet extraordinary. Prioritizing our clientโ€™s needs is our service philosophy. With it, we put time and effort into understanding and researching the appropriate audiovisual recommendations, then using our skills and knowledge to create the best AV solutions.

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From presentation to communication, excitement to commitment, a Boosted Audio AV consultant Bend plans and executes innovative audiovisual solutions for various industries.

As AV technology evolves fast, it is best to consult with professionals to know which solution to utilize. We guide our clients with our recommendations and designs to choose the right sound and visual equipment and methods. In the long run, these things help jumpstart your way to success.

Our team of consultants, professional installers, engineers, architects, and production directors have in-depth audiovisual and information technology experience. Our extensive experience in this industry allowed us to build good working relationships with local suppliers and manufacturers. Together, we can create and provide seamless AV solutions that work perfectly today and in the future.

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Businesses invest in something that they know would add value to the products and services they offer. Marketing and advertising professionals know that the best audiovisual systems produce the best output technically and strategically.

Boosted Audio is the AV consulting company that can assist you all the way to success. We are experts who can put together a reliable and practical solution based on real-world experience and information. We guide clients to map their needs, which will, in return, help us to deliver the best value for their money.

Audio Systems Consultancy

Boosted Audio has specialists who show reliable technical and operational backgrounds in audio systems. We can give recommendations on various audio and AV technological issues. Using complex systems designs and installation experience acquired over our decades of service allowed us to deliver high-quality consulting work for different businesses and related industries.

If you are into the music industry, getting the best audio solutions is a must for you. However, this factor is not just for this industry. It can be applicable for education, hospitality, and healthcare premises.

We plan, source, and fix standard to complex audio systems. Our audio specialists can guide you on:
  • Understanding control mechanisms, including wall plates, touch panels, and RS232
  • Network audio device integration, such as IT network connection, IP configuration, subnets, DHCP versus fixed IP, routing and switching, and bandwidth
  • Integration with external systems like building control and network provider systems
We choose, evaluate, and verify the authenticity of audio equipment, technologies, and tools. Here are the typical equipment we handle and the specifications we look into for quality checking.
  • Microphones: Type and placement
  • Sound Sources: Power requirement and placement
  • Loudspeakers: Quantity, mounting, order, power rating, subwoofers and crossovers, and impedance value
  • Amplification: Quantity and output channels
  • Signal Processing: EQ compression, feedback suppression, and DSP mixing
  • Cabling Network: Connection types, cable-laying and containment, and XLR/ TRS jack
  • Equipment and Tools Storage: Power distribution, conditioning, and racks

Visual Presentation Systems Consultancy

Boosted Audio has years of experience designing, installing, and integrating various video and presentation systems in multiple environments. We worked with international and local companies in Oregon, particularly in Bend, including construction, finance, marketing, healthcare, media and communications, and education industries.
In a commercial premise, educational institution, or for an event, visual presentations and videoconferencing systems can be based on various factors. Our AV consultant Bend considers the audio and video quality, scalability level, data security, and connectivity requirements with other hardware, software, and online platforms.

We use the holistic approach in developing our visual control systems through specific activity-based features. This way, even non-technical users can understand and use our systems quickly, even without extensive training. Our video specialists ensure that you expect the following characteristics of a well-designed video system:


Reliable and high-quality designs

Video presentations and conferences must have clear and highly defined visuals and audio components. There should be zero glitches, server downtime, or drop-outs

Hassle-free usability

One of the top responsibilities of an AV consultant Bend is to develop an AV system that is easy to use even for non-technical users. Controlling and managing it should not be hindered by compatibility issues, add-ons, and future upgrades.

Scalable and consistent

Companies, organizations, and other commercial premises must be able to rely on their AV system, particularly for their presentations and videoconferences. It should support vital business activities, such as international company meetings, using a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or through a projection setup.

Compatible and easy connectivity

The growing demand for easy connectivity and compatibility with smart gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops forces companies to find AV systems that can support influential video conferences and presentations.

Secured service

A highly-developed AV setup should have a security system to protect sensitive information, placed for connectivity access and payment concerns.


Smart gadgets, typically, offer many free tools and apps that allow video conferencing and simple presentations. However, issues surface when high-demand and complex presentations are involved. Professional AV systems may seem costly, but with the appropriate budget allocation and innovative design, the expenses can deem reasonable and affordable.

A part of our AV consulting services Bend is to provide reliable recommendations on equipment selection and acquisition.

Here are some of the standard visual presentation and conferencing equipment we use:

Mobile gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablet
Desktops installed with video conferencing platforms, such as Skype for Business, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and Lifesize Cloud
Boardroom with point-tilt-zoom cameras, automated audio systems, full HD screens, and a centralized control system
Huddle space, including a speakerphone, innovative yet straightforward interface, and video conferencing features

Bridging Audiovisual and Information Technologies

Conventional audiovisual and information technology infrastructures are still widely used among businesses. These types only require low-level connectivity and interface knowledge. This kind of setup comes with standard IT equipment like ethernet networks, traditional telephones, and servers. On the other side, a conventional audiovisual structure employs screens, microphones, loudspeakers, and projectors that work independently without integration, have separated network connections and cabling.

With the advent of the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), the integration of AV and IT also started. Engineers and tech professionals linked conventional IT networks with automated systems, software, and devices. The progression opened opportunities for the growth of the audiovisual industry.

The wireless or touch access for almost everything also began. You can have wireless control for turning up and down your music volume or using touch panels to choose your preferred settings. Cable-less sharing and content screening from smart gadgets, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and even television, is now possible. Additionally, many processes where businesses are advanced because of the AV and IT integration. Here are the top of the most used processes list and some examples of its application on an actual business working day.

  • Monitoring – Projection of actual employee working hours and comparison to the log-in system
  • Remote access and control – AV components are accessible to all company staff wherever they may be
  • Automation – unified shutdown of systems at a specified time
  • Report generation – Verifying of internet usage and allocating to the departments with the highest needs
  • Administration – Systems update and schedule coordination
  • IP-based content distribution – Management and monitoring of digital signages
  • Report diagnosis and troubleshooting
Boosted Audioโ€™s adaptability and flexibility to embrace innovations that bridge the gap between AV and IT components allow us to provide what is best for the present and to have our systems future-ready for possible updates and modifications.

Keeping our clientโ€™s needs as our priority, we do full integration of these two systems while maintaining quality aesthetics and utmost security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the typical commercial industries that acquire your AV consulting services in Bend, OR?

A: Boosted Audio AV consultant Bend provides services to a variety of commercial industries. Our clients include providing high-caliber AV solutions to universities, corporate offices, hotels, leisure parks, entertainment events, museums, and healthcare facilities.

Q: Do you also provide installation services?

A: Yes. Once you approve the audiovisual solution design we proposed, we can install equipment and network connections. Our licensed installers are also well-versed in making your room acoustically prepared for your new AV system.

Q: Does your audiovisual consultant Bend go for site visits?

A: Yes, of course. Our consultants will schedule an onsite visit and a meeting with you before we start formulating the most suitable AV solution for your space or event. During this meeting, you can discuss your goals and how you envision the outcome aesthetically.

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