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AV Systems Bend, OR

Boosted Audio has years of expertise in successful audiovisual and lighting systems design and installation for various industries. We are the #1 professional provider for audiovisual systems design in Bend, OR. We provide high-caliber design, equipment and materials supply, and installation for multi-use systems, particularly for audio and visual components.

Our AV systems Bend design team offers bespoke solutions for commercial, industrial, and even government sectors. We create custom-made designs for meeting rooms, events, symposiums, reception areas, and many more. Our goal is to optimize the technology we have today and put it together into a functional and aesthetically pleasing system for our Bend clients.

The Perfect Multisystem Solution

Creating and providing a long-lasting, functional, and user-friendly AV system is Boosted Audio’s goal for this specific service. We find solutions that apply to maximizing today’s equipment and technologies. What sets us apart from other AV service providers is our mission to deliver future-ready systems. This way, our clients do not need to worry about future upgrades and modifications as our AV systems are prepared for such.

As a comprehensive audiovisual systems Bend provider, we can guide and assist you in all aspects of your AV project. From our initial meeting and on-site visit to installation and systems maintenance, we will be your partner in formulating your perfect multisystem AV solution.

Work your project with us

Our AV systems consultant Bend, and designers will collaborate closely with our clients and other stakeholders to clearly assess and identify the project objectives and goals. Then, we apply our expertise and use our years of experience to create and deliver the AV systems hardware and software appropriate for your requirements.

Once the system design is approved, our AV project management team will take over. Our proven and guided approach will ensure that all Boosted Audio AV systems design are followed and produced in a way that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Audio Systems

Boosted Audio specializes in various audio systems that provide crisp sounds and effects for multiple industries. From restaurants, nightclubs to boutiques and hospitals, we are the experts perfect for you if anything about sound is involved.
There are specific spaces that need an audio system where sound and its volume level must be set independently depending on locations and purpose. The Boosted Audio AV systems Bend team designs and installs multi-zone sound and acoustic systems for showrooms, restaurants, bars, retail shops, conference spaces, hotels, and events halls.
Creating the best ambiance through influential background music and audio systems is vital to customer and employee experience. The right kind and volume of music can unbelievably energize or bring out the best emotions. It can promote a comfortable feeling in coffee shops or create an exciting vibe in a shoe shop.

The success of this system type is a significant factor in boosting your brand’s name. Boosted Audio can help you pick the most suitable sound system that fits your space size and the music content you want to use.

The advent of sound systems innovations helped us deliver the best sound production for our live music audiences. Our sound experts use their knowledge and expertise in creating smart and reliable live sound systems that can boost music power, dispersion, and clarity in a live event setting, such as concerts or symposiums.

Our background in providing high-grade live setups allowed us to gain the trust of our Oregon clients. We collaborate with music directors, events coordinators, and AV engineers to deliver the best live sound experience at a reasonable cost.

Sports stadiums, shopping malls, al fresco dining stores, and airports use outdoor audio systems. This system can deliver clear and comprehensible sound even with a noisy crowd or even in the midst of unforeseen weather disturbances. The Boosted Audio AV systems design Bend team has a proven experience in designing and installing high-quality performance and durable outdoor sound systems that are water and heat resistant.
Music streamlining is the current trend in sound sharing. As we continue to bridge the gap between AV and IT, we also strengthened our specialization in providing reliable networked sound systems to our clients. We provide audio integration services to AV and audio devices to create a network system that supports instant music sharing and songs from various locations.

Video and Display Systems

Presentations, video conferences, and digital content delivery are possible through innovative video and display systems. Boosted Audio creates and installs a wide array of solutions to various kinds of commercial premises. We use digital signage networking, large-format video walls, corporate presentation systems, interactive boards and displays, and high-definition projection systems.
Today’s signage is a powerful way to show what your business offers. It is not just the conventional text or image display. Digital signage systems nowadays provide customer engagement. Boosted Audio offers digital signage AV systems services in Bend, including design, content creation, installation, and maintenance.
Boosted Audio’s bespoke video wall design for commercial spaces brings unparalleled impact on all its viewers. Our video specialist team, consisting of engineers, video graphic artists, and IT professionals, finds practical yet aesthetically engaging solutions to catch the attention of the targeted audience. Video wall systems are best installed for retail advertising and showroom displays, plus in event venues and conference areas.
A well-planned and guided AV presentation and video conferencing setup boosts your company’s communication and collaboration process. We provide high-definition, glitch-free video systems backed with high-grade sound systems to give our clients a holistic AV presentation solution.
The Boosted Audio’s AV systems team constantly looks for innovative ways to introduce the latest audiovisual technologies to our Bend clients. Here are some of the interactive display solutions we offer.

Dual Image Projection Screen

We provide display systems that allow audiences to see the same image on both sides.

Holographic Effect Projection Screen

We have started exploring the option of holographic presentation design for product launches, museums, and live events. These fantastic innovations show vibrant, realistic images hanging in mid-air through a transparent screen.

Transparent LCD and OLED Screen Systems

These transparent screen systems are becoming a favorite for retail window displays, interactive game competitions, and museum exhibits. An LCD screen uses solid black pixels to portray images, while OLED displays do not need backlighting to show their pictures.

Mirror Advertising Display

Imagine a display screen that doubles as a mirror. This display system is perfect for retail and fashion shops, showrooms, and cosmetic stores. The system uses data from a USB source to show some presentations, which, if not playing, will function as a mirror.

AV Control Systems

Besides our excellent sound, presentations, and display systems, we also develop reliable applications that can centrally control and monitor your installed AV systems. We provide the following control setups to help you bring out the best potential for your AV systems.
Personalized Audiovisual Control systems
Boosted Audio develops a newer AV control system that can access and control interfaces. We will create your navigation system based on the design of your AV systems.
Room Management Systems
A room or building management system monitors the company’s productivity and resource usage. Through this control system, you can significantly improve your business’s efficiency and effectiveness.
Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting Systems
Boosted Audio collaborates with various IT departments to provide user-friendly dashboards that allow our IT support to guide you during remote troubleshooting.
Room Booking Systems
Room booking for various meetings can be challenging for various commercial entities. Our engineers and IT team developed a centralized room booking system for hassle-free scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer standard or fixed systems for different industries?

A: Boosted Audio has a line-up of standard audiovisual systems where our clients can look into and choose.

However, we still provide our expert advice on how we can customize the standard system into a more suitable arrangement based on our client’s needs.

Q: Do you provide post-installation support for your AV systems Bend?

A: Yes, of course. A part of our AV systems packages is our excellent 24/7 customer support, repair, and maintenance services. We will initially provide you possible solutions during our initial contact.

However, we will schedule a tech support visit if the problem is not resolved or recurred within a week of the hotline call.

Q: Do you endorse specific brands or contractors for the design of your audiovisual system?

A: No. We are an independent AV consulting service provider in Bend, OR. While we recommend the most suitable equipment brand and model, we also respect that sometimes our clients already have a piece of equipment or two that we may include in the system.

With it, we find equipment and materials that are compatible and can connect to our AV system. Nevertheless, popular brands often used include BenQ, Samsung, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Barco, and many more.

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