Finding the MacBook Pro Sound Booster

Oct 21, 2021

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Did you know that a MacBook Pro has an excellent sound booster feature? It’s toggle-friendly and has an intelligent control system that optimizes its audio output; if you’re new to this, then lucky for you because we will talk about that right now in this article.

Before we start, let’s briefly introduce the importance of sound quality and why stepping up your A-game with technology is the best course of action for people who love to experience the very best features of a MacBook Pro.

What is a MacBook Pro? 

The Apple MacBook Pro is a 14.3-inch display, mac OS laptop with a. resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. A Core i5 processor powers it with 12GB of RAM. Additionally, it also has Pro packs 512GB of SSD storage. 

Compared to its predecessor, the MacBook Pro performs even better when it comes to sound quality. It has not two but three speakers on each side that optimize the users’ listening experience. Its sound boosters are one of the game changers when it comes to providing a premium Apple experience. 

The speakers on each side cancel out the others’ vibrations, allowing the device to get about half an octave of bass. It’s loud enough that it doesn’t fill the room with too much noise, and it’s wide enough to provide a good amount of sound displacement to its prime user. 

It also has an improved microphone which is a three-mic “studio” array that sounds even better than the rest.  

Finding the MacBook Pro Sound Booster

Now that you’re familiar with some of the critical features of the MacBook Pro, it’s time to start learning the basics of how to find the MacBook Pro sound booster. 

There are two specific methods that you can use to boost your sound experience. The first one would be the volume coming from the volume keys on your keyboard or the one coming out of your “System Preferences” panel. 

Using Volume Keys

1. Press the F10 key on your MacBook Pro sp to check if your volume speakers are active. If a speaker icon appears in waves going outward on your screen, it means that the speakers are functional.

2. Press the F12 key to raise your MacBook Pro’s volume to a single level. The speaker icon will be appearing again, and below them, you’ll see 16 squares, each representing one volume level on your device. 

3. Hold down the F12 key until the MacBook Pro’s volume reaches its total volume. You’ll know this when you start seeing all 16 squares below the speaker icon turn white. 

Using System Preferences

1. Click the Apple logo placed at the top-left corner of your screen.

2. Select ‘System Preferences.’ It is there at the drop-down menu that appears from clicking the logo. 

3. Head to the ‘Hardware Tab’ and check the icons.

4. Click the icon labeled as ‘Sound.’

5. Finally, drag the ‘Output Volume’ and slide it from the bottom of the window towards the right side to fully maximize its volume capacity. 

Additionally, you can maximize the volume of your MacBook Pro’s built-in microphone as well. Just click the ‘input’ tab and drag it across to the right side as well. 

How we value our viewing experience is just as important when watching a film inside the cinema. We tend to look for the best seats to have the best chance of sound quality and bass feel. At times, even the deafening sound of silence is enough to make your heart burst, and this is the type of experience we are looking for when it comes to pure entertainment. 

Why Finding the Right Sound Displacement is Important

Listening to your favorite podcast, watching an engaging nature documentary, or streaming a horror movie on your own doesn’t have to be that hard. Even on the go, we believe that tech-users deserve the right to premium sound boosters and sound quality. 

Enjoying a relaxing movie with good sound displacement is an essential experience for MacBook Pro users. High-quality sounds, dialogues, and content boost your viewing and streaming experience, thus, entertaining yourself even in the comfort of your personal space.

This sentiment also applies to home theaters, online streaming platforms, and recording studios. Without better sound quality, programs such as podcasts, skits, and documentaries would not belong to some of the most popular things to watch or listen to this 2021.

How to Fix My MacBook Pro Sound Booster

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If you’re having trouble with your speakers or sounding systems, consider troubleshooting your MacBook Pro by testing its volume one level at a time. If nothing works, make sure to check all of the following:

– The earphone jack should be unplugged from the device.

– Check to make sure that your volume and sound booster is not at the lowest level. 

– See if your device was set on mute

– Ensure to maintain your speakers and have them thoroughly cleaned regularly to avoid sound obstruction and damage to your speakers. 

If everything else fails, contact Apple Support to avail your maintenance and necessary fixes. It is your right as an Apple customer, after all. The same notion also applies to hiring contractors you hire on an occasional basis. 

About Us

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Having a good sound quality on your MacBook Pro is essential. After all, the MacBook Pro has a toggle-friendly sound booster feature for a reason. 

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