Home Theater Installation Services Bend, OR

Home Theater Installations Bend

We at Boosted Audio are experts in the design and installation of extraordinary home theaters. Each system we deliver is unique and custom-designed to your space, what you want, and the equipment and tools suitable for it. We are Bend-based, but we offer our services around Oregon and its nearby cities.

Whatever the shape or size of your space, our home theater consultant Bend will develop a comprehensive, personalized solution, bringing excitement and the magic of a cinema within the comforts of your home.

Create an extraordinary home theater experience

We will handle all components of your home theater installation.

  • Pre-design discussion
  • Design
  • Equipment sourcing and calibration
  • Wiring and cabling
  • Carpeting
  • Interior detailing

Our extensive experience in home technology allows us to provide innovative and practical advice or recommendations that meet your budget while creating an extraordinary cinema-like experience for you and your family.


Putting up a home theater for families is one of Boosted Audio’s greatest passions. First, we schedule a meeting with our clients, which includes a home visit. We can take all the necessary measurements that will allow us to formulate an accurate CAD plan and 3D modeling for the project through it.

Our home theater installation Bend team will brainstorm and play with the possible layouts until we find the best solution for an excellent and unique viewing experience.

Our Service Advantage

Our home theater design and installation specialists strictly follow Oregon’s standards to ensure that your home theater is secure, safe, and hazard-free.

We carefully select the suitable combination of hardware, software, platform, and control systems.

Each piece of equipment, including loudspeakers, 4K display screens, and lighting fixtures, need meticulous quality assurance check and warranty verification.

Our service includes:
  • Home theater design Bend, including CAD planning and 3D modeling
  • Electrical engineering consultation and planning
  • Equipment selection
  • Installation, configuration, and network connection of display screens, including television and projection systems
  • Installation, re-structuring, and network connection of audio and acoustic systems
  • Installation, layout, and network connection of DVD, online streaming sites, and other types of players
  • Configuration and network security assessment of available network systems
  • Basic training and demonstration for actual home theater users
  • 24/7 technical support hotline and scheduled onsite troubleshooting
  • Scheduled yearly maintenance check may vary depending on your contract

We have a wide selection of home theater equipment, materials, and tools. Our professional AV consultant Bend, together with our experienced engineers, tech professionals, and installers, can bring to life the home theater you dreamed of.

Home Theater Setup by the Experts

Boosted Audio’s home theater installation team is Bend’s #1 professional audiovisual consultant and installers, who specialize in AV sound, acoustics, displays, and lighting. We also provide expert services for equipment automation and network connection, security, and configuration. Our primary goal is to give you and your family a unique yet hassle-free home entertainment system.

Over our years of service, we developed home theater design and affordable AV solutions that brought cinematic experience to many homes in Bend, OR. Our exceptional service and fantastic home theater product help boost family relationships by creating a one-of-kind entertainment environment for them.

You would not come across a cinema-like ambiance if your home theater does not have a clear, surround sound experience. Boosted Audio will assist you in choosing your home theater loudspeakers, players, headphones, and multi-channel stereo. Our experts will also guide you on the proper placement and settings of your sound and acoustic systems, which will also reflect in our well-planned design.
Our automated video display and projection systems also attack more homeowners with our unbeatable home theater designs. Our visual equipment and setup provide a surreal cinematic-like environment in a significantly smaller space than the real one. We have a vast selection of screens and projection systems that can be controlled with a smart device or remote.
Our expert installers install, configure, and integrate media players like disc and USB players, to play your well-loved movie and television series collection. Additionally, we can also do the needed system network configuration and connection with your local internet provider to let you watch videos and listen to music from popular sites, such as Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu, and many more.
Having an excellent home theater design Bend is the best. But do you know what can even take it a notch higher? It is incorporating a unique, high-grade gaming control feature. Our professional installers are also knowledgeable and experienced in installing game consoles and controllers to your home theater audiovisual systems.

Why Build Your Home Theater with Experts

Can I DIY my home theater system? Does going for professional audiovisual services make a difference? Boosted Audio’s answer is YES for both questions.

Building your own home theater system is your choice. But, hiring an audiovisual consultant specializing in home theater installation has advantages more than you can imagine. Here are the reasons why hiring Boosted Audio’s expert home theater installers is the best decision for you.

Dependable quality
Our team’s goal is to provide exceptional audiovisual consultancy, designs, and installation services for our Bend clients, which includes our home theater installation service. Each member has reliable educational background, training, experience, and licenses to give you the best.
Exceptional Interior Design
A cinema-like interior environment would not be possible without making the space look like one. We ensure that your interior design exceeds your expectations without having to break the bank. We collaborate with interior designers and architects to achieve the dramatic look we aim for.
The Boosted Audio home theater home installers follow a specific standard operating procedure. We follow a particular timeline, as planned by our project management team.
Hiring the services of a professional AV team can help you identify your budget and work around your project with it. Our audiovisual consultant Bend will help you choose the most suitable equipment and materials, such as cables and acoustic sheets, that are affordable and will fit your identified budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a specific room area required to build a home theater?

A: Typically, the bigger the room that you allot for your home theater, the better. Designers say that a spacious area permits better sound optimization.

However, the Boosted Audio team can always find ways to work around the space you have. We can find solutions to give you the home theater of your dreams.

Q: What preparations should I make before the day of my Bend home theater installation?

A: We do not require any special preparations that our clients need to do before the day of our home theater installation in Bend.

However, we would appreciate it if you could please clear the path on the way to the working area for your home theater installation. Also, please transfer fragile items, like vases and mirrors, to other rooms. If possible, it would be best to secure children and pets to prevent them from accidentally wandering around the work area where they can get hurt.

Q: Is a home theater a worthy investment?

A: Yes. Installing a home theater system is a worthy investment. Back then, all you need is a television or an AM/ FM radio. As time passed, radios turned from CD players to MP4 compatible apps. Audiovisual technology evolves fast side by side with the needs of the current generation.

We have a team of professional AV consultant Bend, engineers, tech experts, and licensed installers to let your family off a stressful day from work, school, and other factors through an excellent relaxing time at your home theater.

Q: We are planning to sell our house in the next five years. Can installing a bespoke home theater system boost our Bend, OR home value?

A: Yes. Real estate experts and home sellers can attest that having a home theater system can help put up your home value by as much as 50 to 60%.

Moreover, the current trend is that homebuyers choose residential properties that provide home-based activities for the family. Also, if you live in high-end suburbs, homes with no home theaters have lesser chances of getting sold.

Q: Do you provide post-installation assistance for troubleshooting and maintenance?

A: Yes. A part of our audiovisual services for our Bend, OR clients are our continuous services post-installation. Before leaving our client’s home, we will conduct a training and demo on how controls work.

Moreover, we will provide them a printed guide. If a problem is encountered, you can contact our 24/7 tech support hotline. Our specialist will guide you step-by-step on what to do. If the problem persists, we will arrange the soonest schedule for our Bend tech professional to assess your system and do the necessary repairs.

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