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Nov 3, 2021

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The advancement of technology has brought about profound changes in our lives. And it has the most significant impact on the music industry. Not only does it alter the sound, but it also alters the way in which people listen to it as well. Every day, we hear about improving the sound and quality of our gadgets to have a better experience. This is because some people are dissatisfied with the sound that their devices produce. Instead of investing a lot of money without knowing how long it would last, there are some tactics and ideas that will gratify your hearing just as much as if you had purchased a very costly sound booster on your own, without spending a lot of money.

This article will learn how to appreciate the melodic aspect of music and increase its volume without compromising its quality. Below are some helpful suggestions for devices that might provide a soothing sense of familiarity to your ear.

What is Sound Booster?

When the volume of the application you are listening to is too weak for comfy listening, and you believe that your computer’s speakers are capable of producing a louder sound, a Sound Booster can be utilized as an additional amplifier. This can happen if the audio or video has been captured at a lower volume than usual. The sound is too quiet can be caused by various other factors, and some can be done to remedy the situation other than purchasing extra speakers.

Make the Most of Your Audio

Some people believe that high-end audio implies that an exceptional amount of cash must be spent to enjoy the excellent sound quality. However, you may enjoy fantastic audio while keeping your expenses under control. The performance of even reasonably priced equipment can be great provided it is correctly set up and placed in a good listening environment.

Choose an Acoustically Sound Room>

In the same way that a decent speaker or receiver lays the groundwork for outstanding audio output, the acoustics of a room plays an equally vital role. Depending on the situation, the total quality of music and audio in your home can be influenced more by the area and arrangement of the room than by the components combined.

A space with many hard surfaces, such as tiled or wood flooring, bare walls, and window panes can produce a lot of sound reverberation and reflection. Low ceilings and a lack of natural light are also factors in creating a poor listening environment. Resonances and reflections cause a lack of bass reproduction, a sharper-sounding midrange, high-frequency response, and fuzzy imaging.

It is also essential to consider the room. Regions with irregular or strange shapes perform better than areas with square, rectangle, or dimensions that are precise multiples of one another. Thus, you’ll want to “soften” the room slightly. Using it excessively, your music may begin to sound strange. Carpets, rugs, draperies, and cushioned furnishings contribute to the dampening of sound and the absorption of reflections, resulting in a more comfortable listening experience. Rearranging furniture can have a noticeable effect.

Apart from relocating the equipment, it’s difficult to compensate for high ceilings. When it comes to the area you’ve chosen, consider acoustic treatments. There will be a greater emphasis on the speakers and less on the room.


Correctly Position the Speakers

There is a resonating mode (also called standing waves) in every room, and the length, width, and height of a room influence how loud or soft specific frequencies are amplified or attenuated. The best listening place should not fall within the bounds of a room; this should be avoided at all costs. Correct speaker placement guarantees that your speakers and woofer produce the most natural and optimal performance. When things aren’t put together correctly, it can lead to a performance that makes you question what’s incorrect with your equipment.

An acoustical no-no is the placement of subwoofers wherever they appear to be most convenient. This frequently results in muddy, dull, or boomy-sounding bass when done incorrectly. Take the time to position the subwoofer to achieve the most outstanding performance properly. Allow yourself to be open to the possibility of rearrangement of particular furniture in your home.

As described above, speakers should be placed to reduce the various room resonant frequency and reflections while still preserving excellent imaging and soundstage capabilities. It may not be necessary to spend any money if you already have what you need. If your speakers have already been lying on the floor, you should consider purchasing some inexpensive speaker stands. Raising the speakers around five feet will significantly improvesound quality, whether seated or standing. If you’ve been utilizing speaker stands, you should move them a little further away from the rear walls.

 Additionally, ensure that they are evenly separated from the parallel walls (on the left and right sides) to retain an accurate stereo image. To reduce the chance of unwanted noise being introduced by vibrations, make sure that each speaker is securely mounted. And, depending on where you intend to listen to the music concerning the speakers, you might want to consider “toeing” them in a little bit.


Make necessary adjustments to the sound settings on your receiver/amplifier.

Most receivers and amplifiers are equipped with a menu system that allows you to customize various sound functions and characteristics. The size of the speakers, the amount of bass they produce, and the speakers’ volume are among the most significant. The frequency range sent to the speaker by the receiver is determined by the size of the speaker (big or tiny). Because of the limitations of the speakers’ capabilities, not all speakers will take advantage of this feature.

Using your bass output settings, you may control whether the low frequencies are reproduced by your left and right speakers, your subwoofer, or both. Making use of this feature allows you to customize your audio experience according to your tastes. Perhaps you want more outstanding bass in your music, in which case you can select to have the speakers also play the lows. Alternatively, if your speakers are excellent at reproducing the highs and mids solely, you might prefer to leave the lows to the subwoofer alone, which would save money.

Utilize the equalizer controls to tailor further the sound coming from your speakers by altering the frequencies at which they produce sound. The presets on many receivers allow you to enhance the sound of your music genres by making them sound more like jazzy, rock, concerts, classical, and other genres you enjoy listening to.


Make Use of High-Quality Speaker Wire

Speaker cables are expensive, and you may spend cash on them, but this is not essential. However, high-quality speaker cables with the appropriate gauge can make a significant difference in the sound that emanates from the speakers.

Make use of a test track to hear the difference. Supply an acceptable amount of current is a crucial quality of an excellent audio speaker cable. In most circumstances, thicker is preferable. Therefore look to the specs of your speaker as a starting point for thickness. Some speakers come with wires that are practically as thin as dental floss, which is not a good idea because it is not safe.

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Normalizing and Amplifying

Is the volume of your audio track too high? Or is it that it’s not loud enough? When recording interviews, you’ll frequently notice that the audio quality is a little on the poor side.

This simple procedure will allow you to increase the loudness. You may even lift some sections of the body while simultaneously lowering other parts of the body. If you simply want to do one thing, the amplify option is the best choice. If you wish to increase the volume of one section of a track while simultaneously decreasing the loudness, Normalize is the option to choose.


Amplify adjusts the loudness of the audio track you’ve selected while maintaining the relative volume of the other ways. This indicates that you are altering the volume of all of the elements you have chosen to the left or right as a sound booster. You should be aware that if you’re editing a recording of a discussion in which one voice was recorded quite far away from the mic, the volume of all of the other voices recorded nearer to the microphone will be increased by the same amount.



The Normalize effect reduces the amplitude of your recording to an expected or maximum value that is within a specified range. So, let’s go back to our chat as an example. The quieter voices will be raised closer to the target rate to achieve balance, while the louder voices will not be elevated above the target level.

To utilize either, first select the section of the track, or the entire way, that you want to change, and then select the Effects option from the drop-down menu. Select either Amplify or Normalize from the drop-down menu.

Source: Canva

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to listen to the volume you desire without paying a lot of money; you simply have to be creative in your approaches. Because no matter how expensive the equipment you acquire to get a pleasant audio experience, if you do not have additional information about the equipment and if the equipment does not suit the environment in which you are setting it up, it is pointless. If something isn’t working correctly, improve the sound, seek the assistance of a knowledgeable professional.

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